modern technology.
what used to be about speaking, volume and ears ("I'm all ears")
demands literacy nowadays
Hey, can we talk?
- Sure, I'm all eyes.
by Krkič November 28, 2019
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Like the expression, "I'm all ears" juiced up for the Internet.
To be used in e-mails and mostly text or instant messaging and chat.
I am ready, willing and able to read what it is you are typing.
All my attention is on what you are typing.
(Like an IM conversation or chat room conversation)

Conjunction_Vitus: Hey, are you paying attention to what I'm saying?

Jut_Unions_Convict: Yes, I'm all eyes.
by Trent Kuver April 10, 2009
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a britney spears song loads of girls like to sing at three sexy gals
amy sang all eyes on me at hannah, yazmin and caoimhe again today.
by circusbybritneyspears October 13, 2021
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A trio of men blowing each other, making an Illuminati triangle shape.
Time to form the All Semen Eye and let our powers combine!
by deakonlogic September 19, 2019
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1) A god-like eye that sees all and knows all, i.e. Big Brother.

2) The Eye of Sauron or the Eye of Providence, used derisively as a symbol of domestic surveillance, government conspiracy, or total information awareness.
Spotting the security camera domes, I felt the all-seeing eye looking at me.
by Man Machine August 3, 2007
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Oft attributed the the eye of sauron/goatse mashup discovered by bending pixels beyond their breaking point. similar to the ceiling cat phenomena
oh man, I did the bad thing again, and I totally thought of the all knowing eye, y'knoe?
by staberind April 30, 2008
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Alex fine with all things danganronpa 🤩
Person a: Look at this
Alex: I've seen it
Person b: ofcyou have you are the all seeing eye
by wAckery November 1, 2020
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