I'm pretty sure you and your four strangly friends could beat Con U.
by dombi7 November 5, 2009
Uncommon word used to describe a particular action over toes / feet on a human body.

See past tense to be stranglie whanglied
Oh Jean! I know her! I’d love to strangli whangli with her!
by Rarewordgeek February 10, 2022
A way to describe something that is both strange and odd at the same time. Or odd in a strange way. It could be used to describe math or just general actions or items. It could also be used in surprise that something is odd and you did not expect it to be, therefore the strangely sort of odd.
I found it Strangely Odd that there were two circular rainbows around the sun that day... Others may have thought that it was Strangely Odd that I was standing in the middle of a football field staring up into the sun.
by silent17 January 8, 2004