the new "fuck" of our generation. "fuck" although a GREAT word, it has been over used and has lost all meaning.
"Shut the orf up, you orfin' orf face!"
"DUDE i just orfed my chick!!"
by rehteah August 15, 2007
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used like “ugh”... said as a filler to notfiy distress
jerry: we need to get $500 by friday
bart: orf!!!
by k8ydoll December 15, 2018
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Oof but with more emphasis and/or meaning
Betty(ex’s grandma): “are you and Taylor still talking”
Billy “ nope”
*billy walks away and texts friend that happend
Robert “bro wtf
Billy “idk man
Robert “orf
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A filipino teddy bear loved and cherished by her family. With frequent uploads of selfies on her facebook page.
by Salemdecat December 18, 2019
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A new strain of a viral infection that is rapidly spreading in the early parts of 2022. It is quite similar to the Coronavirus in the way that it is easily transmissible and can be prevented by wearing a mask.
Those boys who went down to Panama City for spring break came back and spread Orf to half of the class.
by Denise Fauci March 28, 2022
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goes orf is a phrase used when describing something that excels in its area
this party goes orf

that girl goes orf
by olddemcoops October 19, 2009
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