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The perfect friend for an A.D.H.D child. Will always be there for you. A silliest friend anyone could ever have. Also have your own person language with. An A.D.H.D child would make all there passwords about their Babel. Usually Hispanic.
A.D.H.D child: HOI BABEL!
Mexican child: hey.
A.D.H.D child: OHHHYAAAAHHH!!!!!
Mexican child: Shhhhh hush!
by Alylaxgurl222 April 05, 2011
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Confusion (by mixing), from the Hebrew B(et)-B(et)-L(ahmed). Syn. Babylon
"The language of the people was confused at Babel."

"I'm not listening to any more of your techno-babble."
by Uziyahu July 11, 2006
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bey-buhl, bab-uhl: bad chain reaction of events, really bad luck, a bad day/night
Yesterday night was such a babel night.

yeah? what happened?

well first the movies sucked, then i was going to go to this crazy party but we got a flat tire on the way, then we inflated the tire but realized later that it was split open, we then we didn't have a wrench that fit to change the tire so we went home and got a socket wrench, but then we broke that. Then this Asian girl with an acura came and had the correct wrench and we finally fixed the car at 5:30 in the morning and we didn't make it to the party...

dang.. that sounds like a real babel night.
by Mimbo December 07, 2006
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An awful film that tries too hard to be something it's not. An inert piece of cinematic crap that rips off other ideas and uses them as its own. Bringing in the themes of multiculturalism and Islam in order to win favor with pseudointellectual twentysomethings attending schools such as UCSD and Stanford. Film school crap that is gobbled up by west coast liberal elites for its supposedly edgy material.

Also see: The Kingdom, Rendition, Lions for Lambs, Redacted, Crash (2005), and others.
Person A: I just spent $9.75 to watch Babel? Yikes!
Person B: Yuck. But look on the bright side, you can now be a university professor.
Person A: Right, I'm so brilliant.
by Dunt Beawanka November 11, 2007
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tower of babel is located near Baghdad iraq. Where God confused language of the people at Babel..
after ten thousand years iraq's are now confused by GWB.
El presidente es Estados Unidos!
Not to worry in 255 more years no more babel...

California's starting to babel ( internet new tower of babel )
by itichie_nocanpo August 10, 2006
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A horrible, HORRIBLE movie, that uses every go damn language except English (including sign language) unneccessariy, and appears to have no point other than little middle eastern kids masturbationg on cliff sides and shooting busses. It is the worst movie I have seen in quite a while, in fact I still have a strange urge to hang myself in my backyard it was so horrible. Unless you feel like reading subtitles to a crappy movie for 2 hours, avoid this movie at all costs.
Me: Wow, I can't believe I just sat through that crappy ass babel movie. *As I tie a noose to end my suffering*
by Necro260 April 26, 2007
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in that movie Babel...
"cate blanchet would have died if that old Moroccan woman hadn't given her a couple of hits off that pipe...what was that shit???? That be babel"
by Vorpal January 22, 2007
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