A highly addicting game that occupies vast amounts of time and memory.
I spent all afternoon playing Autocad, and ended up with the same thing I drew on a napkin at lunch, only larger and to scale.

High Score = "qsave: Drawing saved in Autocad 2000 format"
by Wayne January 28, 2004
Good program if your tool with no life that likes operating a program made for a 5-year old kid in the retard class with no eyes.
"I spent the last 25 yrs of my life drawing this octagonal house in autoCAD. I did it on june 2nd 1965."
by me December 5, 2003
bullshit software, full of incurable ills.
annoying, useless, trying, computer aided deathwish
by Anonymous July 8, 2003
A vastly 3D modeling program inferior to Solidworks in every possible way.
Tim: "Hey do you use AutoCAD?"
John: "I use Solidworks, like someone with anything resembling a brain would."
by LJP73 September 21, 2018
MarioKarter64: I love this fame!
MarioKarter64: Game* stupid Autocad rectangle!
MarioKarter64: Autocorrect*
by Cat Kid aka Kid_Cat64 December 6, 2021
A program that crashes and freezes you computer unable to save your drawing and start over while your so stressed and causes your brain to commit suicide
I want to be productive today I don't want to use AutoCAD
by ArchitectAdam September 23, 2021