A computer virus targeted for Windows-based PCs. Not to be confused with iTunes or Quicktime for Windows. Solidworks disguises itself as a 3D CAD tool, but in reality, is a mechanism for computer glitches and lockups. Scholars believe the virus was created when software engineers in the 1990's attempted to duplicate Pro/Engineer type of software for with Windows OS, but failed.
"Man, my computer is burning hot and have had 3 locks-ups today! My Windows registry is all messed up."

"Looks like you have Solidworks on your computer. You will need to reformat the HDD. Next time, use Pro/E."
by tgrbld January 26, 2017
A lame ass piece of shit software used by people with inferior minds and companies that lack vision. SolidWorks is not to be used if you wish to be an industry leader. Most SolidWorks users are spent, older gentlemen who are proud that they were able to make the leap from AutoCAD.

Most users think the software is better than all else because the claim of being easy to use. SolidWorks users generally are not "true" engineers, and never will be, so have not been afforded the earthly right to comment on anything remotely technical.
The Girl Scouts are learning SolidWorks this year intead of selling cookies.
by Hullabaloo April 16, 2006