When a guy wants to completely ignore what you asked so he comes up with start over and forget your fight so he doesn’t have to answer your question
Let’s just start over and forgot this ever happened and I we will start talking more
by Boys are stupid December 1, 2017
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A state where one has decided to start over, forget evrything in there past and move on.
"I am starting over and going to be a better person"
by bubbas1012 July 2, 2009
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What you say to someone who should break off a relationship but feels hesitant to do so.
Sarah: I found out Dan cheated on me again.
Caroline: You should break up with him.
Sarah: I know, but I don't want to leave him. He told me he loves me and that he won't do it again.
Caroline: He's a total scum bag. And you're only sticking around for sex. You need to stop getting under him and start getting over him.
by CedricDoodlehopper July 16, 2023
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