when you about to screw your wife or girl and then she gets her period, DOH.
Sorry honey I know your dick is hard and my pussy wet but Aunt Flo is here now and we cant do that when she here
by daywalkz September 11, 2015
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a womans menstral period!
Aunt flo's in town! so I may go get my red wings
by mooseknuckles October 26, 2002
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Cartman's aunt who visits his mom every month. She has perkinsons disease.
I hate when aunt flo comes
by carly cline December 25, 2005
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Don't mind her. She's just mad because Aunt Flo is here and she's out of pads.
by Light Joker December 29, 2005
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The worst, painful thing ever... The period!
Trayshon: Hey Aliyah.
Aliyah: Leave me alone!
*Aliyah storms off as Joanna comes up to Trayshon*
Trayshon: Damn. What's up with her?
Joanna: Aunt Flo paid her a little visit and will be staying for a few days, so deal with it.
*Joanna walks off*
Trayshon: I don't understand women. What does their aunt have to do with their moods? Oh! I get it! Yeah...I don't get it.
by No Name Chocolate Cake April 23, 2016
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The moustache resulting from gulping red wine instead of sipping.
I woke up with a mean Aunt Flo's moustache from that jug wine they were pushing at Mr. Gallo's house.
by heat rod December 4, 2004
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