A cute, funny and loveable girl. She is almost always laughing and loves to make others laugh. She loves to be the center of attention and is a people's person. She dislikes being alone. Aliyah's may sometimes get distracted while completing tasks. She loves animals. She would rather have a few very close friends than a handful of friends. She is an amazing person and is an excellent friend.
Friend: I wish I could be closer to Aliyah she's so much fun to be around she's always telling jokes.
Best friend: Yea I'm very lucky. I love her so much.
by Anonymous:)))) January 24, 2017
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Aliyah is a special girl she rare and is very funny but serious about everything and very shy she's beautiful in many ways doesn't care what people think she has been hurt many times but keeps on going it's. Very hard to find an Aliyah if you find one your lucky she's very special don't mess up she's sensitive to
Jen : omg there's this amazing girl I can't get her to be my friend tho / jack :woah you got your self an Aliyah
by Trvp.aliyah March 16, 2017
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Aliyah. She is (loyal) and loves all of her friends. Her (trust) for some is lost so she has trust issues and has a bad habit of feeling that everyone is lying to her. She is very (shy) and if she has a crush on you it’s a big thing cah she’s not a type to have a lot of boyfriends. She has an (ass, tits, pretty, long eyelashes, )beautiful (hair,) oh and she laughs crazy which makes everyone else laugh. Her prersonality is a whole range from (funny) to (freaky) but she is very undercover as you would never expect it. Far from that she gets a little (insecure) when it comes to her thighs and things like that. She has a whole different side of her and there’s some things that are too deep to discuss. She likes to keep to herself and outside of school, she is different from herself in school. She is the type of girl that could make your day miserable from her absence. We all (need) an Aliyah.
guy: where’s aliyah

Girl: she didn’t come in
Everyone’s mood: miserable
by onlystatefacts May 31, 2018
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She's flawless. She's Perfection it's self. She's gorgeous. She's kind and gentle, but still a total badass. She's got her own special way of doing things. She's got something amazing. To even touch her would be your dream, but she's in a category of her own. shes got a unique sense of style, and almost a punk-ish vibe. She likes to stand out in a crowd and loves it when people pay attention to her. She's the girl that all the guys love. She's got everything any guy would want. She's one of a kind. Shes amusing and can make anything fun. She does little things that turn you on majorly ,without even noticing that she does it. It might just be because she's insanly sexy, or because you can't get her out of your head. Even by just looking at her, The only thing on your mind will be her. You Just want to talk to her, but she's way out of your league. if you get a chance with her, you have to make sure you don't blow it, because she's a once In a life time catch. she's as rare as they come. Shes got a body of a model... A short model. She's got a petite build, and is shorter than most, but hey, the means she's closer to your junk, man... she's got those beautiful grey-green eyes, and that sexy curly dark hair. She's got the figure of a goddess. She's the girl that will give you what you want, as long as you give it to her ;) ... Shes a total sweetheart all the time, Pure and innocent, but in bed she's as naughty as the devil. She's a bold one ;). She's uber <3
Jacob: hey, did you see that girl?! Damn...
Mathew: yeah man. Damn I'd like to tap that...
Jacob: do you know who that was?

Mathew: yeah. That, my friend, was an Aliyah
by That Ghost On Pac-man :3 March 31, 2015
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Aliyah is so sweet, nice ,caring ,honest about every, loveable, has friends, dont really like boys, an intelligent girl , pretty, doesn't care what people say at all, sensitive, have talent ,and doesn't like people at all. She enjoys living her a good special life . She is that u can count on. She is a moody person, she is always clean and smells good allat.
Omg i wonder why aliyah is so much popular than evaa.

Aliyah is the most prettiest thang evaa
by Kadaria February 15, 2018
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Aliyah is that girl with the Amazing hair! Completely effortless.
Jen: You're hair looks almost as good as Aliyah's today. Almost .
by the guy next door 576 October 31, 2015
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A girl that's one of a kind, the most rare female on the face of the earth, the kind that every boy dreams about, the kind that you long for, the kind that you think is out of this world. Well, I found her, and she's in a league of her own...You know, she's that hot lady you saw that day at the grocery store, that lady you wish you had. She's the pretty girl in that movie you saw. She's the girl behind the microphone when you listen to your music and this angelic voice is heard. She's the kind of perfect girl that you think about when you're beating off in your bedroom late at night. Haha, but really, I'm serious. She's a stone cold fox, and she's the girl responsible for the heat on those hot summer days, she's like, uber hot. Really.
Carl: Yo man last night I was thinkin of the perfect girl, like ever...She was pure bad ass, really....

Fred: Oh, so it was an Aliyah you were thinkin' about?

Carl: Yeah!
by Aliyah lover :) July 3, 2009
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