A tool who will do anything for attention. They try to invade the lives of passersby and other non-interested parties who are trying to live their own lives. Extremely insecure, the attention whore didn't get enough attention from their mommy while growing up. They try to compensate for the lack by forcing their presence onto others because they are too dimwitted to find a healthier way to cope or mature. Probably illiterate.
I wish I could tell that attention whore Harley/Rice rocket rider/biker that he should go cry to his mommy instead of rev his engine at top noise level 20 feet from my lunch table.
by motorbikersaretools May 02, 2010
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Person who feels the need to have all eyes on them, via online message boards. An Attention Whore will write things about how thier health or families health in an attempt for sympathy. They will also do go to extremes as promoting themselves via threads on message boards to get people to choose sides over another person.
Christ does he need to invent a new problem everyday that fool is a mad Attention Whore
by red dew April 07, 2004
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A female who begs for attention and is upset when she does not get it. Most people hate them. Can be found on the internet
I am an attention whore
by DizzyLizzy January 18, 2007
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Someone who comes on cam nude to a Yahoo "BBW" chatroom, when there is no such a thing as big and beautiful. Gets mad for being asked to show nipples after she "flashed" by covering her breasts. Whines incessantly and puts down people online, but wouldn't do so in person. Works part-time because she used all the valuable time on the chatroom. Posted photos of her faces in different ways. Writes blogs putting down others when everything is really all her own fault, in order to gain sympathy.
That wanda_your_bbw_fantasy is such an attention whore.
by Isn't me May 25, 2007
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a girl who makes out with another girl just for the attention. the girl usually does it when she is drunk as hell or does it to get guys attention.
i swear i thought she was straight.
here she is kissing another girl. wowwwwwww!!!!!
what an attention whore!!!!
by ignapjenkins77 December 08, 2009
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One who will go to extremes for attention, or one who seeks attention a lot.

The biggest attention-whore would probably be a girl named Désiré or Jessica.
Girl1: She's posting half naked pics on facebook again.
Girl2: Ugh she's always such an attention-whore. She has no morals.
by DashSlasher April 30, 2013
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A person who competes for attention, or does/says things soley to recieve attention. Often these things are stupid, obnoxious or unbelievable.
Ignore her, she's just an attention whore.
by kwoodruff October 31, 2005
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