Bitchy teens with nothing better to do than spread rumors and flirt with as many guys as possible, and obsessed with being popular. In reality, the not popular as girls will all become extremely popular in high school and all the bitchy & or "hot" girls will be nothing but dirt trash in HS.
I can't wait for high school. All these middle school girls are bitches
by HAHAHHAHAHAHAno February 28, 2015
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Girls who think they’re cute and like to say they’re different from everyone else but they’re literally all the name shit. They always smack they’re gum and they’re makeup is melting off they’re face at the end of the day. They also like to call themselves “quirky” and think they’re on top of the shit and think the world revolves around them when really nobody gives two flying fucks about your Starbucks, or your daily fit check, or your acrylic nails. Don’t worry Emma, nobody is gonna take your man away from you.

-written by a middle school girl
Middle school girls) *smacking gum* oh my god I’m out of my Starbucks drink!

Literally everyone) nobody gives a fuck you stupid fag
by EleanorSpeaksFacts December 16, 2021
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bandera middle school are a special type of middle schooler there normally super flat and have no chest they also date as many guys as they can but there are a few actually special girls in bandera middle school they don't try and ate everyone and actually are thick and not flat chested that's the story of bandera middle school girls
wow there such bandera middle school girls
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A girl that acts that she loves god and follows Christianity but is a total idiot and knows nothing about religion and tries to come off as a good girl who's different but there actually copies of people like everyone else. There pathetic and assume they will be abstinent and say everyone is perfect but make fun of people behind there back.
Middle School Religion Girl

Person 1: Hey what are you doing Sarah" "Random Name"
Sarah: im reading the bible and sharing gods word.
Person" 1: Whats that"
Sarah: that all people are created equally.

* Girl walks by*
Sarah: what a fat bitch!
by TruthSpeakernumber5 March 18, 2012
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A bunch of attention seeking bitches who try and steal peoples mans.
Central Wilkes middle school girls are whores
by cotton cob November 18, 2021
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