Mr.X "Hey man is that white slut in town?"
Mr.Y "Yo man that bitch is here and she's bangin!"
Mr.X "Hold that little slut there and I'll come get her ass."

Useful in tapped phone scenarios.
by SketchmasterR January 15, 2008
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A White Slut is a white woman, often married who lets black men fuck her. She may seem prim and proper in her everyday life but will be a total slut for a black man's cock. She will do anything he wants her to do.
Kathy is widely known among black men as a complete white slut. When she was 15 she let an older black man fuck her after school and she has been addicted ever since. She has had at least 100 different black cocks inside her in the last 35 years. Kathy will let any black man fuck her anyway he wants, anytime and anywhere. At work she lets her black coworkers fuck her in her car or in an empty office. She just lifts her short skirt and begs them to use her married white pussy or ass. She loves it as they call her their white slut and pinch her tits and spank her ass and cum deep inside her. Sometimes she tells her husband she has to go shopping and secretly meets black men in a park and lets them fuck her in a rest room or behind some bushes. As many as 4 or 5 black men take turns using Kathy's hot shaved pussy and tight little ass and drench her in hot black cum. Ii makes her cum as they pump her hard and tell her what a dirty white whore she is.
by btld December 17, 2007
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First day of each year where the temperature rises above 70F in regions of the US where temperatures in the winter months average at 30F and below. This day is characterized by excessive sunshine and general highs from a sense of spring in the air which prompts white people to wear revealing summer outfits that show off the pale, white skin they have been hiding all winter under peacoats and scarves.
"Man! Guys in tank tops on the quad? Girls with their short skirts exposing their painfully white legs? It's only March 21st! Is it White Slut Day already?"
by ITobz February 27, 2012
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