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Malama pono is short for e malama pono which means "take care", or " take care of yourself". A common way that Hawaiians say good bye.
Malama pono my friend, until we met again.
by oceancats April 19, 2017
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Malama Pono, have a safe trip.
by oceancats September 26, 2020
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What every single woman in the world is watching right now.
I want to get sexy with my GF but she's more interested in watching those damn cat videos.
by oceancats February 14, 2017
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An attention whore is anyone who is desperate for attention and do anything, including degrading or humiliating themselves to get it. Usually have low self esteem and absolutely no respect for themselves. Typical examples are girls in school that suck dick to get guys to like them and then act surprised when guys treat them like shit and girls call them hoes, and high and middle school girls that willingly pass out nudes and porn of themselves to get idiotic and phony compliments like "you're so hot". Most attention whores know how pathetic they are but are always willing to sacrifice what little dignity they have left for attention.
Damn, look at Hannah giving out nudes of herself all over school. What a pathetic attention whore.
by oceancats April 4, 2017
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Burrillville is a shitty high school in Rhode Island that was mainly known for it's shitty hockey team until the spring of 2017 when a huge sexting scandal hit the school. For years some guys in the school had a Dropbox where guys would put nudes and porn of their girlfriends. The slutty and attentions seeking girls didn't care and lots of guys, both in school and out, had access to the photos. The whole thing was finally busted when some noisy parent found out about it and called the cops. The slutty thots now have to use more traditional ways to act slutty and get attention.
I wish everything in like was as easy as the girls in Burrillville high school.
by oceancats August 8, 2017
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A shitty city that is known for a huge sexting scandal in 2016 where the high school and middle school girls, some as young as 12, gave out pics and porn and nudes of themselves to all the guys. The pics were collected and traded like baseball cards. Someone at the school didn't want to be a porn star so she blew the whistle on the whole thing. Some of the older guys got suspended for having pics of the 12 year olds but all criminal charges were dropped because nobody in the school really gave a shit.
Everyone in Canon City, Colorado wishes they were somewhere else.
by oceancats January 26, 2017
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Sexting is something that young girls with low self-esteem do for attention. Phony "experts" and ugly feminists say that the kids are just exploring their sexuality, and sending out nudes and nasty porn all over school is "normal" and healthy". and is even more "normal" and "healthy" when young kids send the nudes to them. But in the end, the girls sexting are just hoes and thots with no self-respect that are desperate for attention and compliments.
Damn, look at Sally. She can barely tie her shoes, but is already sexting.
by oceancats September 30, 2020
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