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A shitty city that is known for a huge sexting scandal in 2016 where the high school and middle school girls, some as young as 12, gave out pics and porn and nudes of themselves to all the guys. The pics were collected and traded like baseball cards. Someone at the school didn't want to be a porn star so she blew the whistle on the whole thing. Some of the older guys got suspended for having pics of the 12 year olds but all criminal charges were dropped because nobody in the school really gave a shit.
Everyone in Canon City, Colorado wishes they were somewhere else.
by oceancats January 25, 2017

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Slut Shaming is when guys, and perhaps some females too, call girls that pass out nudes and porn of themselves sluts, hoes, whores, tarts, light skirts, floozies, trollops, doxies, strumpets or other derogatory expressions. Slut shaming is also frequently applied when women engage in sexual intercourse with lots of men or girls in schools have indiscriminate oral sex with guys to try and be popular. Many feminists dislike slut shaming because they think it's demeaning and degrading to the slutty girls but apparently sucking lots of dick, porking lots of guys or passing lots of nudes and porn somehow isn't.
Guy: Damn, that girl is so desperate for attention that she'll blow anyone in school. What a ho.

Feminist: Hey, don't be slut shaming and calling that poor girl a ho just because she sucks dick to get attention or try and act cool . It's her right as a female to suck a lot of dick and pass herpes all over school if she wants.
by oceancats April 02, 2017

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Salmon Arm is a touristy but cool town in British Colombia that is known for it's great fishing and hiking. However it became famous in 2016 when in two separate and unrelated incidents, fathers were arrested for hitting their young daughters after they found out the girls were passing out nudes and nasty porn all over school. The fathers got in a shit load of trouble but managed to stay out of jail. It's unknown if the two girls are back to passing out nudes and porn all over school.
Dude, if you go to Salmon Arm in the winter, you sure as hell better like snow.
by oceancats February 11, 2017

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Swansea is an old New England town that was burned by the Indians in 1675 but unfortunately rebuilt and still exists. Most of it seems to be located right on a major highway with lots of shitty stores and restaurants. The people of Swansea consider themselves affluent and smart but that's only because Swansea is next to the even shitty cities of Fall River and New Bedford. The town will frequently say that it's located right on the water but will neglect to say that water is the Taunton River which is polluted as hell. Swansea does have a nice town hall and library and a shitty school called Joseph Case High School that gave the town national headlines a few years ago when every girl in the school decided the only way they could get attention and get guys to like them is by passing out lots of really nasty porn and nudes of themselves. The slutty girls and stupid guys were yelled at and possible spanked by their mommy and daddies but nothing really happened and things are still the same.
The Indians had the right idea when they burned Swansea, Massachusetts, too bad they had to go and rebuild it.
by oceancats March 07, 2017

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Lake Zurich High School is a huge school of over 2,000 students that is located in NW Illinois. It won some bullshit football and cheerleader competitions and has a bunch of clubs that only the nerds know about. However it recently became famous for two huge scandals. The first was in the fall of 2016 where football players were charged with hazing and making younger player perform sexual acts and do really sick shit. Several lawsuits by the parents were filled against the school. The second was in March, 2017, when a huge sexting scandal of hundreds of HS girls that included over 700 very nasty and slutty nude and porn photos where found when some dumb kid created a Google Doc online that included the school's address. All the naughty girls were talked to and warned not to be such attention seeking hoes and sluts or at least be quieter about being such naughty hoes. No charges were filled and some parents even complained that their poor naughty hoe daughters were being harassed.
Lake Zurich High School sucks but sure has a whole lot of serious hoes and weird sexual shit going on there.
by oceancats March 21, 2017

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A very bad idea, unless you enjoy being covered in your own piss.
I was too lazy to find a better spot and tried to piss in the wind. Damn was that a mistake.
by oceancats April 05, 2017

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Sexing lingo is used when sexters are too damn lazy to type the real thing. Mostly used by lazy ass teens that are trying to be sexy or trying to keep the stupid shit away from they're parents or teachers. The sexting always gets out in the end but nobody gives a shit enough to try and decipher the sexting lingo.
Many parents are afraid because they don't know Sexting Lingo but it doesn't really matter because most kids don't know it either.
by oceancats February 13, 2017

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