A pretty boring dance song, hailed by SOME as the defining musical moment of the 21st century
<?> 2 people ;()!!!!!!!!!!
by informer May 11, 2003
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More than one person, but still fewer than three people
There were 2 people at the gas station.
by あなたの本名 February 17, 2020
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2 People Party. When two people are dating on the down-low and want to spend time together alone.
I enjoy hanging out with my best friend and having a 2 people party
by Shamu Wilson October 22, 2019
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it's a way to say sex in a more not straight to the point way, as the person sometimes doesn't know what it is, and is confused.
Person 1: Now that we are together, let's do something fun that includes 2 people...
Person 2: Duelo maestro?
Person 1: HECK YEAH LET'S GO BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF THAT LEVEL!!!11!1111!111111!!!!!!!!11!111qQQQqeweaq
by pytschratchon November 5, 2023
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if someone asks you to be 2/10 people it means they want to have hardcore sex with you, no socks.
hey man we should be 2/10 people”
“bro, without socks?”
by kaiandr September 6, 2021
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