You lame….not gang .. snake fr hella shiesty 🐍🐍 … bein weird
“Word to my momma you shot”
by Rkaior January 31, 2022
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This activity is best shared with good friends. You have had a long shitty day, everyone pissing you off. Choose your favorite alcohol, in place of a toast you say Fuck _________ (insert offending name). Before you know it, a perfect end to a shitty day. Repeat as needed until you are happy!
It's been a bad day, let's do some fuck you shots!
by Aksenia and Noricle July 21, 2014
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To fail suddenly, unexpectedly and humourously without you or other surrounding parties initially realising your mistake.
*Following a breif period of silence where it dawns on everyone what an idiot Robin has just been*
Stu: Hey man, you're an idiot, you shot a cow on that one!
by RTO October 23, 2005
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this is a game played with two alcoholics trying to get drunk with eachother. One person buys two shots for the two of them, then the second person buys two shots. This continues until you are sufficiently drunk or blacked out preferably
Hey Johnny lets play you shot I shot to get shitfaced.
by functioning alcoholic October 1, 2011
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you get shot is the result of wearing the wrong clothes in the wrong place.
"you get shot wearing that in my hood."
by MeatwadATHF August 27, 2006
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a compliment! said to someone who is good at something! someone thats good at basketball, some one thats good at picking up girls! someone thats good at something! originated while i was playing basketball! everyone said i sucked, then i got like 10 in a row in and someone in the crowed yelled, "YO YOU GOTS SHOTS!"
'YO, you gots shots homie!"
by NTP May 31, 2006
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