A phrase used after beating an opponent in an online game where defeats are reported by hand.
"We just owned your asses. Report the loss bitches."
by GuywithGUN September 02, 2006
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The act of posting your stock losses to a social media site.
Got my ass kicked in the market today, time to post my loss porn.
by Kamel1620 February 04, 2021
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A loss of all that one holds to be apparent and truthful.

A loss of all that one makes out to be reality.

Mentally questioning reality, for what it is.

Another world of reasoning.

Usualy experenced by hallucinogenic drugs, either Mushrooms (Psychobilin), Acid (LSD, 2C-I, 2C-E-B, etc etc) or trauma to the brain

It is the loss of apparent truths, and what MUST be taken as truth.

Sigmund Frued coined the word "Ego", he had something in mind that was far away from how the word is tossed about today.

As he classified, it is the epitimy one of the three mental states (Id, Ego, and the Superego) The Id being the primal area of consciousness, devloped as a child, only caring about itself and how to gratify any desire it has. (A baby crying, an infant screaming "MINE!" about things it's never seen before)

Out of the Id, the Ego grows as a person gets older. The Ego is how a normal "of age" human acts and thinks in everyday life, but it is based soley off of the Id, because the Id was the first state of consciousness to take in any information at all from the outside world. The Ego is not so selfishly seeking and recognizes that there is a larger picture, a world aside of itself; the Ego acts as censor to the Id, stopping and keeping in check the primitive desires for instand gratification, recognizing the larger picture, so to speak.
The final state of mental maturity is the Superego. The Superego is the highest state at which we have arrived in our evolutionary "progress." The Superego is an overseer, our conscience; and, like the Id, is something of which we are not conscious, not aware of at even the slightest, but is always present in thought.

It is a loss of the Ego and the ID, It is the Superego (An understanding of the world around you and what SHOULD be happening) lost by itself, with no previous truths to go off of.

Without these apparent truths one is taught in life, a person enters a state of absolute disbeleif.

it can sometimes be seen as a state of total confusion, not knowing why anything happens, why it should, or why you feel the need to want it to or not.

Usually occuring during an intense trip, seeming like it is the only answer and it will be how you live the rest of your life, but usually forgotten by the time one wakes up, not much unlike being in the mode.
"Man, I had such an ego loss the other day, I had no idea WHAT was going on or why anything was, let me tell you, I'm never taking booms again"

"Man, I had such a bad ego loss I realized I was nothing, or wait, was it that I was, but there was no reason for anything? uh.. ah.. Maybe it was that I don't know why I do anything?, Hell, I dunno anymore."
by tehBeau June 27, 2006
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A clause in an GI's contract allowing the government to hold you past your ETS date for war or other national emergencies to keep your unit at or near 100% strength. In the case of a deployment they can hold you up to 90 days after redeployment but a Liutenant Colonel or higher can release you earlier if you finish outprocessing sooner than 90 days. It's simular to stop movement but that stops you from PCSing to another unit.
Stop loss wasn't even thought about a few years ago to new recruits and now thousands of soldiers in the army cant go home on thier ETS dates because they're either facing a one year tour to Iraq or Afganistan soon or they're already over there
by GI Bro July 11, 2004
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n. legal phrase someone uses when he or she can't get laid and blames someone else.
After Jenny's husband was killed in a car accident, she sued the other driver for loss of consortium.

After being harassed at work for years by his boss, Bob claimed he couldn't get it up and sued for loss of consortium.

Professor: what claims does someone have if a machine accidentally cuts off their hand?
Law Student: Loss of consortium?
by Judge Learned Hand July 28, 2008
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Significant or total loss of capital investor in an expensive item.
Tony took a capital loss when he gave away his new I-Pod.
by Gohan Barracuda July 30, 2018
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When a someone who frequently takes drugs, takes so much ecstasy (or similar drug) that it stops working. In other words once they have peaked for a certain length of time and started to feel straight again, taking more lines at this point wouldn't do anything. and is generally the warning signs/first stages of a come down.
Druggie 1: Man my three hour peak is over I might just gap it.
Druggie 2: Nah don't do that, i'll just cut us some more lines.
Druggie1: No point buddy, I'm at the loss of magic kinda stage, wont do anything, cya!
by prideofslytherin September 30, 2010
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