acronym for Loss Of Sandwich Syndrome. this happens when you get hungry because your girlfriend hasn't made you a sandwich yet
John was diagnosed with LOSS a half hour after he asked his girlfriend for a sandwich and she left. Luckily it wasn't fatal when a bro quickly administered a peanut butter jelly sandwich to cure Johns LOSS
by #goon12 April 18, 2012
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when you see a 4 panel meme and it looks like loss but you are not sure of it.
-*four panel meme*
Yo, Is This Loss?
by TrashOfBag May 16, 2018
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A comedic series on YouTube in which the entire cast of Red Dead Redemption are in an eternal struggle for good hentai. If the sauce is deemed unworthy of a good nut, said person will be banished to the gay zone.
Sauce Or Loss, with the Van Der Linde Gang,
"Bill, that's a child, you know what that means"
"Micah, is that a trap?!
by dalek1111 July 23, 2020
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A fictional term first used by San Diego State University men's basketball fans in 2012 to describe their losses to Arizona and Syracuse.
Our signature losses are better than your teams best wins.
Yeah but at least we still have our signature losses.
by basketballfan January 19, 2013
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Marshal Loss is the greatest aussie runescape player ever. He is a godlike fall in leader, although he makes really bad jokes when leading. Everybody is scared of being yelled at by him, so people throw more binds. He killed IP AG and OT and is the greatest pker in aussie history. To be a "marshal loss" is to be badass and have a high clicking ability while playing runescape.
Ghjjf: "Marshal, start leading"
by AnonymousRunescaper September 16, 2011
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An item that a retail stores sells at a loss in order to get people in the doors to buy other normally priced items.
If Wal-Mart were to sell a television for $20, they would probably lose money on that item (this is the loss leader); however, they are hoping that they can make it up by the other normally priced items you buy.
by AHB November 25, 2006
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A borderline autistic kid who fights vegetables and claims he can bench 500lbs and think he can play in the NFL.
Nolan Loss is retarded.
by Nigkiller35 October 02, 2019
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