A man named Marshal is undiscribable. He is the most amazing, Handsome, Dashing, Sexy, and about ten Billion more words that make a man a sexy devil. He is the most badass, vicious, and beastly creature of a man you will ever meet. He defies explanation, and is the answer to life itself. gravity revolves around him, and so do women.
Woah! look at that man!

Dont call him "Man"... He's a Marshal.
by IanMoone-TheAmazing July 11, 2011
An amazing cute, awesome boyfriend who loves you and is super country. He’s awesome and listens to you. You’ll always wanna be around him and with him.
That’s marshal is such an amazing boyfriend, i’m jealous of her
by elemmak March 17, 2018
An absolutely legendary person who is a great friend, boyfriend and everything in between. He’s kind, caring, loyal, funny and also very chilled out and cool.
You see that cool dude over there? I bet his name is Marshal.
by Neutral_Switzerland June 16, 2020
An Autistic Tiny Shit with a little chode who listens to mining away
Person 1:Oh look at Marshal
Person 2:Oh yea what an autistic shit
by Owener121 July 10, 2019
A gay homosexual that normally enjoys doing nothing and masterbaiting at 2am
Jon: hey look at that marshal over there
Alex: ew I hate him.
by Not gay kid 2 February 28, 2018
Someone who is white who (after listening to one rap song) thinks they are black, they try to walk, talk and act black, making complete asses of themselves, marshals think they are brilliant at sports and freestyling and they try to join part in a gang. Marshals are often trying to promote their mixtapes and they “try to make it into the game” you can stop your friend from becoming a marshal by 2 alternatives. Option 1 is by sitting them down and telling to grow up and stop being something they’re not, or (and probably for safer reason) just killing them
I bet you have your chicken seasoned marshal
by Ya_boiiiiiiiiiiii January 13, 2021