A condition experienced by some women after their childbearing years.
Marvin: "I'm noticing as the years go by, Wilma's tits are shrinking."
Fredrick: "Yes...poor dear. She's beginning to suffer mammary loss."
by Chili2 March 26, 2016
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unable to think of something to say
she surprised me. she put me at a disadvantage when she told me she was pregnant. i was "at a loss for words."
by red24 May 29, 2014
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A term used in trading to define at which point you decide to give up on your hopes and dreams.

Typically only used by the weak.
Adam: "If I want to make infinite money on NUGT and UWTI, I better not use a stop loss"

Bradley: "I have no dreams or future, so I think I'll set a stop loss at 5 pips"
by NOSCharhar September 09, 2016
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-noun weyt-los
Peeing, pooping and sweating more than you eat.

Origin: 2006; weight+ -loss
"I only had a salad for dinner, and I just dropped a one pound brown out my crown. Wow, that means weight loss."
by wally_moot October 05, 2006
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Losing to a shitty team in any sport. In college football, a "bad loss" will typically knock a team out of contention for a national championship. In college basketball too many "bad losses" can keep a team out of the NCAA tournament.
Person 1: "Wow, I can't believe Stanford lost to Utah! What a bad loss!"

Person 2: Not according to Jon Wilner! He still has them ranked #3!

Person 1: I can't believe they are still being considered for the BCS title game. I mean, they lost to UTAH!!
by Heavyw8 November 11, 2013
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Head Loss is defined as:
1. To move a given volume of liquid through a pipe requires a certain amount of energy. An energy or pressure difference must exist to cause the liquid to move. A portion of that energy is lost to the resistance to flow. This resistance to flow is called head loss due to friction.


2. When she doesn't finish sucking on yo dick when she be giving you a blowjob so now you have blue balls which sucks.
Katherine couldn't fucking finish me out last night and now I have a serious case of head loss. My balls are 'bout to explode from the pain. *Thinks to self* "FUCKING SWALLOW YOU BITCH."
by Hilarious Highschooler May 25, 2016
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