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A type of sexual kink or deviancy which involves becoming animalistic during sex. Can include scratching, biting, general brute force, and animal-type noises like howling, snarling, growling, etc. The dominants in this kink community are sometimes referred to as primal hunters and the subs are primal prey.
New sex partner: You got any kinks? Do you like rope or whips or something? Cause I'm cool with whatever.
You: Umm, yeah... I'm a primal hunter.
New sex partner: ...oh (holy shit Imma die tonight)
by Philomenahunter August 28, 2016
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to get angry, to loose all self control, to be at another level of existence
holy shit, chad is going to go primal in a second
by Ænimal February 25, 2004
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In an animal-like manner showing lack of significant cognitive skills. Often times resorting to impulse instead of reason in extreme emotional situations.
Man, when he saw dude reach for his beer, he went all primal like a hibernating bear that got woke up.
by demongolemz January 23, 2012
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When a girl (usually of college age) looses all her inhibitions on the dance floor and resorts to her primal instincts and gets on all fours while simultaneously continuing to dance and rub her ass against her partners crotch like she forgot to wipe her ass. Usually results in sex afterwords.
Frat bro 1: Doode you see Jenny last night?
Frat bro 2: Yeah man, bitch got 'primal' all over your shit.
by amilkynug December 04, 2011
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1. Something proper real.

2. A bit harsh, really isn't it.
1. keeping it primal up in here, yo., thats some primal sheeit.
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When something is just so good, that its the best.
"that chocolate milk was so primal i could drink 5 gallons of it"
"holy titty that was primal"
by holy-tatty June 09, 2018
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