Personality disorder in which an individual shows a generalized pattern of instability in interpersonal relationships, self-image, and observable emotions, and significant impulsiveness.
Relationships with others are intense but stormy and unstable with marked shifts of feelings and difficulties in maintaining intimate, close connections. The person may manipulate others and often has difficulty with trusting others. There is also emotional instability with marked and frequent shifts to an empty lonely depression or to irritability and anxiety. There may be unpredictable and impulsive behavior which might include excessive spending, promiscuity, gambling, drug or alcohol abuse, shoplifting, overeating or physically self-damaging actions such as suicide gestures. The person may show inappropriate and intense anger or rage with temper tantrums, constant brooding and resentment, feelings of deprivation, and a loss of control or fear of loss of control over angry feelings. There are also identity disturbances with confusion and uncertainty about self-identity, sexuality, life goals and values, career choices, friendships. There is a deep-seated feeling that one is flawed, defective, damaged or bad in some way, with a tendency to go to extremes in thinking, feeling or behavior. Under extreme stress or in severe cases there can be brief psychotic episodes with loss of contact with reality or bizarre behavior or symptoms. Even in less severe instances, there is often significant disruption of relationships and work performance. The depression which accompanies this disorder can cause much suffering and can lead to serious suicide attempts.
by Juliet February 22, 2005
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An alcoholic drink consisting of equal parts tequila (from mexico) and whiskey (from Texas).
Man: 3 borderlines my good sir!
Bartender: Someways getting drunk tonight!
by conartist66 April 29, 2011
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Brianna: Damn last night I was so borderline.
Hope: Yea you were!! Never letting you use my car for hookups EVER AGAIN
by strawberry shortbitch 🍓 April 17, 2020
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A bar in Thousand Oaks California were 12 beautiful souls were lost

Blake Dingman

Jake Dunham

Cody Coffman
Sean Adler
Sgt.Ron Helus
Alaina Housley

Daniel Manrique

Mark Meza jr.
Justin Meek

Kristina Morisette
Telemachus Orfanos

Noel Sparks

Twelve beautiful souls that will never be forgotten 11.7.18 the 805 will never be the same

Let this serve as an reminder to always hold your love ones close and make sure they know you love them because you never know what day will be their last.
On 11.7.18 at borderline bar and grill there was a mass shooting and 12 beautiful souls were lost
by Aurora D. November 30, 2018
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Someone who cannot decide if that want Taco Bell or not.
He was borderline for a while but then he crossed the border and order a double decker.
by uVSthem July 11, 2011
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The act of being in between grades, especially for a semester report card. This behavior usually occurs during finals week.
A: Dude, what's wrong with Greg?
B: Oh, he's borderlining right now, if he doesn't get that A, his parents will kill him.
A: Why?
B: They're asian.
A: So?
B: Chinese
A: Damn.
by mrderekcu December 15, 2010
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a person who has some nerd-like tendacies: i.e. books, science fiction, interests in computers etc. However, they do not possess enough of these qualities and are usually accepted in most social realms, therefore cannot be classified as a full-fledged Nerd.
Summer: Mike is such a nerd!!
David: really? he is friends with all the popular kids
Summer: well fine he's a borderliner at least!
by SummerNiGhT November 7, 2010
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