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Normie: *looks at 4 panel meme* "is this loss?"
Me and intellectual: "obviously you twelvey, go back to playing Fortnite"
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the act of having something.. and then suddenly not having it anymore.
It was a great loss when all my beer suddenly disappeared.
by amanda March 03, 2005
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1. A comic which is now infamous
2. What you experience after a family member dies
1. A comic page from the Ctrl+Alt+Del comic, now infamous for some reason.
2. Loss; what occurs when a family member, friend, pet or other living thing that is close to someone passes on.
by Creeperguy05 April 10, 2018
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short for: useless, worthless, stupid, retarded, etc.
omg look at tim do his donkey down the hall... what a loss.
by u all have downs August 20, 2013
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Why are you searching for this? This meme is long gone, and will hopefully stay in its grave, press thumbs up to pay respects for our fallen soldier.
Yo, check out this meme bro!

Bruuhhh is this loss?
by LiloBoi420 November 06, 2018
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I'm ata loss for words why no one defined 'loss' in the Urban Dicionary. I've seen gain in the Urban Dictionary. But no 'loss' no more.
"I'm at a loss for words." never stopped anybody from saying anything.
by lossless February 11, 2004
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