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a person with a tendency to jump to conclusions without proof or evidence.
Ryan is such an assumer. You can't tell him anything without him jumping the gun.
by kevin benham July 13, 2006
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When an individual tends to take on a certain form,attribute or aspect of things very quickly and abruptly;when he/she might think one thing just because you might have said another thing about that subject
Gosh billy was such an assumer yesterday when I texted him,he wanted to go to the movies but I told him I wanted to go with Sandra instead because it would've been fun,then he thought I was saying he wasn't fun?! Like c'mon billy.
by Ya know it August 24, 2016
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A person that assumes anything they think is true even though it’s not. Mostly a person who always says that another person lies about everything even though they are god damn honest. The assumer can be a nuisance and makes an ASS not only out of themselves but all the people around them.
Jerry: Hey mike, you pissed in the tub!

Mike: No Jerry that was the dog you ASS-UMER!

Jerry: why did you space out assumer?

Mike: ASS-UMER means that you make an ass always assuming things that are not true.
by The guy with the orange July 11, 2018
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