A brunette girl is a shy yet popular girl all the guys want to date her and all the girls want to be her or her friend. A brunette girl is trustworthy and once you get to know her she may be crazy. Love and cherish a brunette girl if you ever fine one.
Guy:look at that brunette girl.
Friend:yeah she’s the best.
by Skylar Rein March 30, 2018
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alternate slang (molly), MDMA, MDA, with the appearance of a white/ beige/ brown crystalized powder or rock. usually capsulized.
"sup with that brunette?" (do u have molly?)

"its all good, shes here, come thru." (i got it, come over)

Brunette (girl) rather than that white (girl)
by Dniking October 16, 2017
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