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assume = to make an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me'.
by nina October 21, 2003

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a wanna be gangster
You say you a wangster but you need to stop fronting.
by Nina January 22, 2003

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the best man for a woman to recieve pleasure from in all of europe
I am so horny, I need a bastien!
by Nina August 02, 2003

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House. Dwelling. Place of residence.
Yeah, so were having a party at my drum next week. Coming?
by Nina February 28, 2004

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The extra sperm on the bed after sex.
I'm not sleeping in the wet spot again!
by Nina March 15, 2005

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The characteristics of a neo hippy.
Dude, Jane stopped showering and she's not wearing shoes. I think she went all crunchy on our asses.
by Nina July 28, 2003

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