The god of all that is holy. The man that can get whatever he wants including females. Someone that you aspire to be. The mr. cool of the 90's and arguably the funniest character ever on tv.
Yo, that Cosmo kramer is a real assman.

I wish i was like Cosmo Kramer.
by Brandon the cleveland kid October 9, 2006
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Character in Seinfeld. Said to be so charasmatic that he has had children named after him. In fact, if you know a Cosmo, he was probably created in honor of Cosmo Kramer
Cosmo: Cosmo Kramer was named after me!
Friend: We all know that's not true because everyone named Cosmo was created as a tribute to Kramer.
Cosmo: Sorry, you are right
by whitepanther34 October 19, 2011
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A stupid and crazy, but bitchin motherfucker in the iconic tv show Seinfeld who often stumbles on a regular basis, spits, speaks in multiple languages and unexpectedly acts radical whether if he is dancing or being stupid. He is seen regularly wearing a detective coat or a lobster or green collared shirt. He has money but nobody knows where he gets it from nor anybody knows his true profession and if he had a job.
Aaron: What is the best part about Seinfeld?

Me: Cosmo Kramer.

Aaron: Why?

Me: He’s got the elements of being stupid and bitchin.
by Girls ❤️ shafts July 19, 2019
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someone who stumbles over themselves on a regular basis. Someone who is not well dressed, or shaven. Has money, but no one knows why. Similar to the character in Sienfeld. Someone who doesn't really have a job. Eager to trip, spit, snort, and act out in a foolish mannor.
Spock totally just pulled a cosmo kramer. He totally just tripped and fell on the ground. He fell on a huge pile of dog shit and just kept on walking like nothing happened.

Tim just cosmo kramerd. He ate his own bugers and thought no one saw it.
by sasha o. September 25, 2006
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The luckiest bastard in the world. He just about falls ass-backwards into money without doing work.
Kramer's life is a fantasy camp.
by ZaiMatarese August 22, 2003
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The only man in the world who has to hide from all N****.
I know how hard it is to hide from Two N****, but can you imagine?

No N****... No N****.... OH JESUS!

--Katt Williams on Kramer, Cosmo
by The Restless August 14, 2008
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