1. The anus
2. A person who has no consideration for others and acts selfishly and inconsiderately for no reason; believe that they are always right and nothing else is acceptable. A person who spews shit when they talk, because their face is a massive ass.
1. Crap comes out of your asshole.
2. My brothr was such an asshole that no one in the family liked him.
by Foxy Lady 1993 August 18, 2011
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A person who gets on your damn nerves, a person with disrespect and being a total jackass is their thing. A person who just could've been nicer.
I went into a bathroom and there was a whole gang of ugly dudes wearing red shirts. I almost laughed but those motherfuckers scared me. About to use the bathroom, one of them pushed me and went into the stall saying, " No bitch ass faggot ass rock lovin white motherfuckers allowed." All his friends got quiet and looked at me and I felt a flash of anger go through me but I was blinded with a gut instinct telling myself to leave because it was dangerous in there for me, an outsider. I'm not sure but I think I crossed one of those stupid bitch ass gangs, lol. That's just ONE example of being a true asshole.
by Matthew Robinson April 12, 2008
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1. Annoying Self-Satisfying Hedonistic Ostentatiously Ludicrous Egotist


2. The Anus
Hey, ASSHOLE, just because you are the life of the party doesn't mean people like you.

Loud mouth, loud shirt... Definitely an ASSHOLE.

Ignore the ASSHOLE, he's just trolling in real life.

That ASSHOLE is making a scene again. Ignore it and it will eventually go away.

She called to complain that it hurt her asshole. I told her suppositories are a bad idea.
by You Needn't know. July 05, 2011
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In a job context, someone who is cruelly inflexible and shows no understanding or compassion toward the unfortunate circumstances of others.
Demanding that the grease trap be cleaned out, the asshole fast-food manager threatened to fire Stephan if he took off a couple of days to take his terminally ill daughter to the Mayo Clinic for hospice care.
by Vibesman May 13, 2009
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a complete idiot who does stupid things, and usually ends up embarassing his/her self
"He tried to nake a cake in the microwave? What an asshole!"
by bert December 13, 2004
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