23 definitions by Lucifer is my bitch

Australian way of saying “oh shit” or “I’ll be damned”.
-“Your drink fell over”

-“Fuck me dead”
by Lucifer is my bitch May 23, 2022
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Another word for KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) commonly used in Australia.
“I’m gonna grab some fries from Dirty Bird!”
by Lucifer is my bitch October 13, 2021
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When someone drinks a few grogs and all of a sudden thinks they are Mike Tyson.
-“Look at this flog starting something over there”

-“Bitta Dutch courage”
by Lucifer is my bitch January 10, 2022
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Australian slang word for a Tradesman.

A labourer whom for most of there life, all day, every week-day, stands around talking utter bullshit and constructs part of a house for 75,000 peanuts a year. Aside from acting hard and earning fuck all, funnily think they are somebody special even though they do a job a 10 year-old could learn and do.. Commonly found picking there 17 year-old GF up from school in a clapped out ute/4WD.
"Did you catch that tradie in his Hilux with his retarded co-workers and 15 year-old girlfriend?"

"Haha yeah man, didn't you realize that's normal for them dead shits?!"
by Lucifer is my bitch April 20, 2021
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Homie 1: “Finally got a BMW, shits all over your Holden Commodore

Homie 2: “Whoop-dee fucking-doo”
by Lucifer is my bitch October 13, 2021
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