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1) One who has the face of an ass
2) One who has an ass for a face
3) One who has the appearance of two protruding buttcheeks just below one's forehead
Look at that assface
by Dirty Sanchez April 18, 2003

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Definitively not the kind of shitty food Taco Bell sells and people thinks that's mexican food
John: Damn!! I just saw some big piece of shit on the table!!!
Dave: Dude...That was my Taco Bell burrito
by dirty sanchez January 13, 2005

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A pegboy was a young man kept on pirate ships by pirates. This young man was forced to sit on a large wooden peg...all the time. Anyway, this was done so that whenever a pirate wanted to drop his anchor (so to speak) he'd have no problem.
Come here pegboy, I want some of those sweet cheeks.
by Dirty Sanchez August 27, 2003

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To take two penises in your ass. LikeAnal but more painful. occasional seen in porn. Half of a DVDA....
"Wow check out that slut she's takin a double anal"
by Dirty Sanchez November 14, 2003

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the act of shitting while recieving fellacio
man she sucked me dry while i dropped a loaf!
by dirty sanchez June 14, 2003

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Ham Shank, wank. Rhyming slang for masterbation.
"I was so bored I had a Ham Shank"
by Dirty Sanchez November 14, 2003

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a super bush, a bush of enourmous size resembling chewbacca.
She has one major wookie bush.
by Dirty Sanchez May 25, 2004

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