An extremely British way of saying "basically", "in a sense", "in a way", "in a manner of speaking", or "idiomatically", almost always used at the end of a sentence. It's often stuffed into a conversation when the speaker is having a difficult time expressing what they really mean in precise language, and it can take the place of "um" when used habitually to keep words flowing in the absence of thought.
He's a bit shy. He doesn't want to upset the apple cart, as it were.
by durette October 31, 2016
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It means "in fact, if not in deed." The statement to which it applies may not be the literal truth, but it's not far from it.
He's from the top of the lower classes, as it were.

He may not have ridden her horse, but I'm sure he's saddled her mare, as it were.
by barbecuesteve November 20, 2010
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sort of; in a way; as if it were true
"I'm in the market... as it were" - Cpt. Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
by PianoM0n August 29, 2006
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a phrase used to sound cultured, especially when fellating a horse.
While i was sucking him off, as it were...
by jim slim jim jim gousche December 30, 2009
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Did you know that 42% of trans pronouns are was/were?
by NotPieGuy January 19, 2022
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Adj. crazy, strange, unusual, loco.
The real way to spell 'weird'.
Say weird, it souded like WE'RED didn't it??
Often thought of as the original spelling of weird, derived from the latin word "werd" meaning 'the one who cannot think properly'.
Person #1: Look at this SCENE kid's pictures...
Person #2: wow, thats a really wered photo angle.
by DCrepresent October 20, 2010
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A horrible misspelling of the contraction "we're", in which the omission of a single apostrophe changes the word into a completely different one. Commonly seen in the gaming world and in message boards
Were here! Were queer!
by Penbiks August 18, 2006
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