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A Nickname for someone (anyone) named Robert, but only for those special enough to deserve to be called that. And Especially if you're cute !
'Hi Bobbert, how are you?"
by FallenAnjel July 04, 2010
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A Bobbert is a small, elusive, woodlands creature with an appetite for all that is Doritos. Having a keen sense of 'n00b detection', he can identify new creatures to his domain in an instant. Using his magical leprachaun wings, he flies from tree root to tree root, hitting branches with his head along the way. According to recent studies, he has a primitive worship cycle in which he worships the 'Great Cheese'
The Bobbert just ran across my foot! He pissed on me! Shit!
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Car stealing pimp/frog!! no one expects the frogs!!! omg!! he stole my car!! :D
by Bobberts only friend August 10, 2003
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The ONE AND ONLY Bobbert, Supreme Ruler of All That is Green. The ears of the Bobbert are very large, large enough to "contain a small child in", as defined by the National Department of People With Connections to The Place. The Bobbert is great friends with Johnny Slurpee-head and others, and will literally kill for anything coloured green. Now go do something better with your life.
by Deepfriedprawn Entertainment August 12, 2003
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some cambodian kid with a pet monkey in his mansion. pretty short for an asian. yea. small jaj.
by none other than phil July 23, 2003
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the crappiest hugger in the whole wide world of hugs. he is the definition of a deprived child
If your friend says "Whoa" and steps back when you try to hug him, he is a BOBBERT
by WOOHOO1234545 May 18, 2006
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