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you see, quite simply, the Xbox is huuuuuuuuuge. www.hangthepenguins.tk
phrase can be used any time, to express any type of emotion.
Person 1: My mother died last night.
Person 2: Thats a bummer, what was the last thing you said to her?
by Tion the One February 02, 2004
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teh word that you exclaim upon hearing the mess of "music" that is Linkin Park
All hail the real LP, Lostprophets
by Tion the One February 01, 2004
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an especially sarcastic way to say 'oh no'
oh nos i forgot to buy the new linkin park cd. ;_;;;;;;;;
by Tion the One September 03, 2004
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An insult reserved by the carton character "Crabby Cakes" on the show Clone High USA
"You've got crabs, ASSFACE!!!"
by Tion the One April 23, 2003
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variation of wanker, it just makes the victim of the insult that much more gay.
Jeezy Creezy, jacob is such a friggin asswanker.
by Tion the One April 28, 2003
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an excuse that a few retarded people use to pass on using drugs.
"No, i dont need to take a hit of that blunt, im high on life!!"
by Tion the One April 23, 2003
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