another definition for sleeping with a female; having sexual intercourse with someone. Not to be directly associated with the anus or rectum.
1) Man I has got to gets me some ass tonight!

2) Did you get some ass last night?
by Johan of Seminole County July 28, 2005
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(_!_) = normal ass
(__!__) = fat ass
(!) = skinny jeans
(_?_) = dumb ass
(_E=MC2_) = smart ass
(_$_) = rich ass
_!_ = square robot ass
(_o_) = asshole
(_*_) = shitstain
((_!_)) = Cellulite Ass
(_o.o_) = double asshole
(_o.o.o_) = triple asshole
(_Y_) = thong
(_@@@@_) = goatse ass
(___!___) = facesitting ass
() = anorexic ass
{_!_} = swishy ass
(_X_) = leave my ass alone
(_x_) = kiss my ass
(_zzz_) = tired ass
(_o^^o_) = wise ass
(_o_) = an ass that's been around
(_O_) = an ass that's been around even more
(_13_) = unlucky ass
(_#_) = ass pounding
(_!__) = lopsided ass
(_^^_) = bubble ass
(_*_) = sore ass
(_+_) = total ass
(@@@@@@@@@@@) GOATSE
by tatomuck1 November 23, 2008
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1)n. A type of donkey or mule
2)n. a slang term to discribe the buttox
3)n. A stupid or foolish person
1) I rode my ass up the mountain.
2) I'll sake my ass in your face.
3) Stop being an ass!
by Anonymous June 14, 2003
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according to one of the definitions for acronym ASS is an acronym for angle-side-side. that reminded me of a maths lesson where we were told that 'ASS does not work' and i have still remembered that lesson.
Teacher: And now we conclude that ASS does not work
everyone else: haaaaaahaha
by oi prick July 12, 2005
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