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Pronoun: Name of arguably the greatest muppet ever to grace the popular children's show Sesame Street. When not munching down dangerous amounts of cookies he was destroying the set around him with his huge girth and even huger mouth. A legend in every sense, capturing brilliantly the rampant, bloodthirsty selfishness that every human locks deep in his or her psyche.
"Okay. Me not eat cookie. Me eat.......EVERYTHING ELSE!"
by Coaldrone January 21, 2004

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Insult that was made relatively popular in England through it's use in the TV comedy series Red Dwarf. Essentially means a fool. See also numpty and prick.
"You utter, utter gimboid. Go stab yourself."
by Coaldrone January 22, 2004

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1. Four legged mammal similar in appearance to a horse, albeit a particularly straggly, smelly horse. The donkey belongs to this particular segment of equestrians.

2. The buttocks/anus.

3. A woman/man of particular aesthetic quality.

4. A fool. In this context, usually prefixed with 'dumb'.

5. Used as a suffix for any number of adjectives, usually by children. See below for examples.
1. "I will buy this ass for seven groats, no more!"

2. "My ass is killing me. I'm never eating Chicken Phaal again."

3. "Shheeeaaat! Check out that fine piece 'o' ass! (whistle)"

4. "You dumbass! Get the cat out of there, I need to do a number two!"

5. Lame-ass, Dumb-ass, Stoopid-ass(sic), Fruity-ass, Vacuous-ass, Interminable-ass, Destabilisable-ass.
by Coaldrone January 24, 2004

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(Noun) Slang for an object or person introduced into an environment in order to make that environment more habitable for more stupid children.
Parent: Oh, where's that lovely detailed globe of the world gone, Mrs Klaptrap?

Teacher: Too complicated for suburb kids, so we got an elmo in. It only shows where North America and Iraq are, and later we'll add the ballistic missile trajectory to it once they're up to third grade.
by Coaldrone January 21, 2004

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1. Of or relating to the trajectory of projectiles, their motion and/or effects. Used in circuses by clowns to properly gauge and define accurate custard pie throwing. Although rarely heard, ballistics are all around us. When we throw a broken bottle into the face of a policeman, we unconsciously use our acquired knowledge of ballistics to work out exactly how hard and high the throw must be to really mess up the bitch.

2. To be incredibly angry. See also furious and apeshit.
2. "Aw, I knew I shouldn't have thrown that bottle. Dad's gonna go ballistic when he finds out how much the bail is."
by Coaldrone January 24, 2004

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A severe psychological condition, similar to pathological lying, but different in the sense that the person afflicted genuinely believes their own lies. A person suffering from PF will often respond with anger, confusion and even violence when confronted about the truth of their statements.
Someone with PF may believe that they have written a movie script that is going to be filmed in Hollywood next weekend, and will tell their friends this lie every weekend for months.
by Coaldrone January 22, 2004

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A hot leaf-based beverage that is by a long shot Great Britain's favourite drink (barring beer, of course). Can be drunk with milk, sugar, cream and biscuits (though not necessarily all at the same time).
"Fancy a cuppa tea, love?"
by Coaldrone January 24, 2004

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