When a girl is riding you and she makes a donkey like noise
Damn baby your cocks hard “he haw he haw he haw”

The donkey: when a girl makes a donkey noise during sex
by Girlsslutty6969 June 12, 2018
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How you feel after drinking too much alcohol .
Last night was fun, but I'm feeling super donkeyed today!!
Yo! I haven't felt this donkeyed in years!
by Raelito April 15, 2020
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A bad poker player who doesn't actually know how bad he is.
That donkey just dropped 40k in less than 2 hours at the No Limit table!
by Leeno November 10, 2005
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An Irish man or woman who just acts really fucking Irish.
That donkey mick bastard had sex with the dog again!
by NickiG February 05, 2004
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