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A superstar is someone who exhibits an amplified individuality. There just seems to be more of him or her there! This happens when there is resonance between someone's inherent creative expression, what they do on a daily basis, and the social system that they are a part of. Being a superstar has nothing to do with fame or fortune (even though some superstars may have either or both).
Maggie is such a superstar. Her designs always get recognized by our bosses and she always gets the best team to support her work.
by Superstar Agenda October 3, 2017
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To have as much swagger as humanly possible
Pezz hopped out of his bed and looked in his mirror to see that he was a superstar
by pezzy pezz 27 April 30, 2009
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Someone who is extremely arragant, treats girls like shit, thinks he can do what ever he want and step all over people but still everyone loves him and thinks he's amazing.

Taken from the song Superstar! by Hadouken!
He's a superstar! That kid is such a superstar.
by Riley Mr Dymond October 30, 2007
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Superstars and what a good proportion of the British public think they are. People like this are full of their own importance and are normally female, they normally drive around in Peugeot 206's (or other french small shitheap!!)with their nose in the air thinking they are above us all.
That dum bitch near caused an accident with her poxy Peugeot but she drove on with her nose in the air like nothing happened! They think they're superstars!
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A superstar is one of the best names u can share with anyone a superstar is like you’re buddies you’re mate you’re bestie you’re mate you’re light you’re hop and the person u love their can be a lot of people with the name superstar but there will be a superstar like mine because mine always has my back and was there for me since the begging and she is like a sister to me and I will never stop loving her until the day I die
Superstar is you’re light you’re hop you’re bsf
by Ethan Melamed May 13, 2019
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A superstar is someone that will be with u until the end it is like cheese on pizza it is such a good combination and knowing u have someone called a superstar it means the world and if u find the right one they will be with u until the end but there can be a lot of names and superstar but there will never have a superstar like mine
My superstar is like no one in the world
by Ethan Melamed May 13, 2019
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