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1. Vulgar Slang/Noun. The buttocks or anus.

2. Vulgar Slang/Noun. A stupid, mean, or despicable person.

3. Vulgar Slang/Adj. Very or quite a bit of.

4. Vulgar Slang/Noun. An undesirable place of person.
1. Wow, Michel has a nice hot ass.

2. Man, Randy was such an ass today. He forgot to come to school.

3. Shit, that was a packed-ass club.

3 (2). Whoah, that's a big-ass monster.

4. Man, that place was the ass of the neighborhood.
by RBXfromdashow June 22, 2004

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Racial slur. A derogatory term aimed at white people. A white person (particularly American) who demonstrates some of the following traits.

1. Listens to Country Western (not all, of course).
2. Lives in a trailer or a poorly kept apartment.
3. Very stupid/ignorant.
4. Extremely rude and nasty towards others.
5. On welfare or uses food stamps.
6. Has bad health.
7. Spends too much money on him/herself and not enough on his/her children.
8. Has a bigotted or racist opinion of other people.
9. Has blonde hair.
10. Did not care about school as a child.
11. Has a drug problem.
12. Has sex quite often.
13. Owns a truck of some type.
14. Watches violent programs on television.

The list goes on and on.
It's sad that people feel the need to insult each other. Unfortunately, racial bigotry and racism will never go away.
by rbxfromdashow September 03, 2004

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An extremely popular side scrolling action game developed by the company Capcom (CAPsule COMputer is the official name). This game featured a boy named Rock (in Japan, the game is titled RockMan) dressed in a blue suit and helmet who fires plasma bullets at various robotic fiends. Rock eventually earned the title Megaman (or RockMan, for Japanese gamers). The ultimate goal of Megaman is to crush the evil forces of Dr. Albert Wily and his evil robot masters. A special feature of Megaman is to steal his opponent's weapon after defeating them in battle. This game has a large number of games and spin-offs based on this game.
After destroying Quick Man, Megaman absorbed his energy and created the Quick Boomerang.
by RBXfromdashow July 11, 2004

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A warrior from Capcom's Street Fighter series. He made his debut in Street Fighter II the World Warrior. He was the founder of Shadowloo and desired to become ruler of the world. Master Bison possessed a power called the Psycho Drive. This power gave him invincibility. He sacrificed all the good in him to gain this power, thus making him pure evil. The good in him took form in a woman called Rose. Bison did remain invincible until Gouki (AKA: Akuma) killed him with the infamous Shun Gokou Satsu. He is now dead. Bison wore a red outfit, he was bulky and wore a large cape. Had a distinct smile. His signature move was the Psycho Crusher, an attack where he flew in the air and charged at the opponent, similar to Raiden from Mortal Kombat.
Bison killed me with his Psycho Crusher.
by RBXfromdashow February 18, 2004

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A popular one-on-one fighting game developed in the USA first released on the arcade in the early 90's. One of the first games that featured digitized graphics and actors (now extinct form of graphics). Mortal Kombat was developed by Ed Boon and his partner John Tobias (later joined Ed). This game also featured excessive amounts of blood, gore, and violence. That scored serious controversy. When the game was going to be released on the home consoles, matters got worse. Feminists and liberals began to fight the game actively. Feminists blamed the game for violence towards women and liberals blamed the game for excessive violence being shown to children. A group called the Entertainment Software Ratings Board was then developed because of the violence. The founder, democrat senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut. Mortal Kombat was so popular, many sequels and spin offs were made. Distinctive characters include; Liu Kang (a shaolin monk with black hair who looks like Bruce Lee and practices martial arts), Sonya Blade (a military woman), Kano (a bald criminal with a cybernetic eye. He throws knives), Raiden (sometimes spelled Rayden, a thunder god), Johnny Cage (an actor who kicks and shoots green energy spheres from his arms), Scorpion (a yellow ninja who breathes fire and fires a spear from his hand), Sub-Zero (a blue warrior, who belongs to the Lin-Kuei with the ability to freeze his opponents), Shang-Tsung (a sorceror with the ability to morph into other characters), Goro (a four armed monster) and Reptile (a hidden Green warrior, one can fight him at the bottom of the pit. He mimics the moves of Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Later in the series, he gained his own moves), just to name a few.
(Scorpion impales Liu Kang with spear)
Scorpion: GET OVER HERE!!!
(Upper cuts Liu Kang)
Liu Kang: WAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!
(Liu Kang flying kicks Scorpion, launching Scorpion backwards)
by rbxfromdashow August 24, 2004

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An ill fated fighting game created for the ill fated system 3DO. Way of the Warrior was a 2D fighting game developed by Naughty Dog (yes, the same people that made Crash Bandicoot). This game involve the use of digitized graphics (yes, the same graphios they used in Mortal Kombat). The game was criticized for its stiff control, absurd jumping, and horrendous animation. The game involved some hilarious MK parody characters such as; Konotori (a parody of Kung Lao and Kitana), Crimson Glory (a redneck biker woman who possibly played on Sonya), Major Gaines (a soldier who chucks grenades and takes steroids), Shaky Jake (a drunk Aussie who breaths fire), Fox (a complete parody of Jax, a tall black guy with sais), Nikki Chan (?), the Dragon (hahaha, a Bruce Lee ripoff), Nobunage (a kendo warrior), the Ninja (he shoots lighting bolts), Kull the Despoiler (a giant skeleton), High Abbott (a dragon), and Gulab Jamun (Gulab Jamun is an Indian dessert, the game Gulab is an evil swami). The game tanked and was forgotten by many but remembered by some.
Player1: oh shit, you fried me with Shaky Jake!

Player2: eat that, sucka!
by RBXfromdashow June 18, 2004

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fuckhead backwards. Can be used as a code word to blend into public without angering someone who is overly sensitive.
Hey, Sally is such a daehkcuf. She forgot to put a bra on.
by rbxfromdashow April 17, 2005

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