Asprin is chemically called Acetyl Salicylic acid. Its standard name is 2-Acetoxy Benzoic Acid. It is used as an analgesic(pain killer). It can be taken anytime except when the stomach is empty, otherwise it causes peptic ulcer.
Asprin Formula: C8H9O3

Asprin structure:

by Jai Shri Ram May 30, 2005
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used when hungover or when bush is making a speech abt iraq
bush wanted to send more troops to iraq today, thus increasing the usual human dosage of asprin.
by pompous August 4, 2007
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Also used to thin blood, factor V etc... (a rather large word anti something or another) It keeps you alive!!! Mind you that you should not take it unless your doctor tells you too!
My legs are starting to bruise!
-have you taken your asprin?
No, I better go take it now!
by Jarmaine April 2, 2007
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I overdoes on Asprin.
by L January 8, 2005
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1. (Noun, Singular, Acronym) - American Society for the Prevention of Retarded Iranian Niggers , more formally referred to in the collective as the United States Military, specifically indicating certain sections of the United States Navy and Marine Corps.
ASPRIN meets on every third Sunday and every fifth Monday of the month.
by Buttfuckme April 11, 2019
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Dexedrine or Benzedrine used by over the road truck drivers
to fight fatigue. Mainly white pills scored into quarters known as "crossroads"
" Highway " had the Chicago to Dallas run and loaded up on road asprins at the truck stop.
by Don F April 18, 2006
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the act of putting holding an asprin between both leggs and holding the asprin in place by adding pressure from both knees to hold it inthe middle. usually done so at events such as parties, get togehters, or anytime there is alcohol drugs or a hot guy you would like to screw.
perferably done by women
jill-"karen lets practice asprin knees ya??"
karen-"whats that??"
jill-"keep this asprin between ur legs. that way the boys can't find a way between them and i know ur not knocked up."
by concerned citizen :) November 26, 2009
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