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A slang term for people of middle eastern/arab descent. Often abbreviated to 'zro.
Did you see those to 'zros Sayeed and Hassan at the mall?
by L July 25, 2003
peace mynuh wassup?

mynuh alright I'm out
by L April 5, 2005
lydy is a term for a special person, or one who knows all.

Also one who takes up 80cm of desk space with her elbows
by L January 25, 2005
A bubble, completely unaccepting (If you are looking for diversity, it's only found in small apartments over the center of Bernardsville) and competely high (Only weed, if you are looking for cocaine, relocate to Bernardsville). Gossip-filled and posh, a place where neighbors are nosey and fake. If a resident does not belong to and actively attend a religious denomination, they will be burried alive. Most residents have resided in this bubble before the Hills were erected. The Hills are not a part of Basking Ridge.
I was driving my mercedes from the Hills to Basking Ridge and when I stopped to hit a blunt, my Pastor saw me.
by L February 7, 2005
A person uses up all the hot water by taking long showers.

Also see water terrorist
Man, what happened to the hot water? Damn Bagha's such a shower terrorist.
by L January 16, 2005
post modern: being wierd for the sake of being wierd
this chair is po-mo

Comment submitted with request to delete: The meaning of being "wierd" trying to be extra wierd is
hopelessly vague. It does not suit the original meanings
of this new term that are already well current in loose
modern English. The term as given in disputed usage would
be a hypernym of a word{can't think of one current} such
as "Ultra" in special use in French politics after restor-
ation of Monarchy, early 18th century. It is a little too
hyper, in my opinion.
Truly Yours,
by L January 4, 2004