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A school which inadvertently caused the deaths of tens of millions of people.
The art school didn't accept Hitler, so he went into politics.
by L August 11, 2007

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praise for a job well done
snaps for reeling in your man!
by l November 09, 2003

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Your soul mate; Your one true love.
"I love you, my smizmar."
by L December 03, 2003

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hundred dollar bills
i aint out spendin dude's c-notes
by L April 24, 2003

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Little Lady.
Eminem's christmas baby
by L January 06, 2005

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One who wreaks of pure gook and faggotry. also has a homosexual obsession with typing STFU on www.panterachat.com
watch out for walbass, he is just jealous that he does not share the white mans long dong.
by L June 16, 2004

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A really sweet guy. He always makes me laugh! <3
"Yaser - he's getting very good at typing with one hand!!"
by L November 28, 2003

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