1: An intersection.
2: A point in one's life where they must make a difficult decision.
3: The location in blues folklore where Robert Johnson made a deal with the devil to become one of the greatest blues players in history.
4: A song by the legendary Robert Johnson.
5: A terrible movie starring Britney Spears.
6: A good movie starring Ralph Macchio about a young bluesman's quest to find Robert Johnson's lost song.
1: Take a left at the crossroads.
2: He's reached a crossroad in his life.
3+4: "I went to the crossroads, fell down on my knees."
5: That movie Crossroads sucked donkey balls.
6: That movie Crossroads KICKED ASS!
by SFalk April 11, 2008
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A point in your life where you don't know what the fuck to do.
From the crossroads to my doorstep, my eyey they begin to fade.

"I'm at a crossroads in my life"
by golrilla December 14, 2003
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One of the Top 10 best Bone Thugs N Harmony songs ever made :)
See you at the crossroads so you won't be loneeeellllyyyy...
by darkmyst June 19, 2006
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The name of Britney Spears' shitty movie that flopped.
I feel sorry for the other girls in that movie, there carrers are shot to hell now
by Alicia July 1, 2003
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A 4-disc box set released by Eric Clapton which included his unbelievable blues (or slow) version of 'After Midnight'
I bought with Eric Claptons Crossroads box set with drug money
by Matty J December 6, 2004
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Christian Fellowship, like a family, here to exemplify the body of Christ.
by CFC October 9, 2003
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