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(verb,) 1. The act of masturbating in church during a service in the same manner that Paul Reuben masturbated in a movie theater, or the way that Anthony Weiner once masturbated in public. 2. Especially, the act of masturbating on property owned by Christian Fellowship Ministries, or the Jehovah's Witnesses.
1. I heard you think of Bill Cosby while you Chapelbate. 2. Anyone know where to find new material to Chapelbate to?
by Buttfuckme June 02, 2017

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(Noun, Singular) 1. A frat party where there will be initiation of new frat members via various rites involving homosexual anal sex on a voluntary basis. 2. Any house party thrown by former United States Bill Clinton or any member of Bill Clinton's family.
1. I'm still sore from the Hotdog Party last night!!! 2. Senator Weiner left the Hotdog Party early last night.
by Buttfuckme June 02, 2017

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(Noun, Singular) 1. National Fagot League.
1. Hey Bro, Are you a Member of the NFL, or are you just a stand alone homo?
by Buttfuckme June 03, 2017

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(Noun, Singular) 1. An Attractive, usually heterosexual but rarely homosexual, young male whom is paid by the police to trap homosexuals. They most usually have a fuck you with a smile mentality and are Christian Fundamentalists whom are closely associated with John Walsh. 2. Any undercover agent of the police used for this purpose and intent.
1. Are you happy to see me, or are you just Gay Dirt?
by Buttfuckme June 04, 2017

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(Noun, Singular) 1. A nigger that got himself blasted off the face of the earth in Tulsa, Oklahoma for being high on PCP. 2. Any other nigger, porch monkey or a single member of a group of black people finding themselves in a similar situation.
2. Last Night, I Heard they pulled another Terrence Crutcher on the 10 O' Clock news...
by Buttfuckme June 03, 2017

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(noun, derogatory) 1. Someone who takes a day trip to the beach and brings his own provisions (i.e. pot brownies, etc.), but doesn't contribute at all to the rest of the company at said beach. 2. Someone whom refuses to timely pass a joint, blunt, etc. when smoking pot amongst a group, or otherwise violates the "puff, puff, pass" rule.
1. Looks like the beach is full of Nose Baggers today. 2. Quit being a Nose Bagger, and pass the damn bowl already.
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by Buttfuckme August 15, 2017

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1.)-prep. phrase- a polite, and usually deceptive, manner a man has to say that he is busy masturbating to orgasm.

Usually used in the presence of young children and/or parents/grand parents where one doesn't want to use the more obscene terminology, or otherwise wants to fly below the radar.
1. I'll talk to you after I finish Unloading the groceries. 2. I'm going to go unload the groceries.
by Buttfuckme July 23, 2017

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