Another word for "just so you know" or "and to let you know". Used at the beginning of a sentence but during a conversation. Used to make a point about the subject.

Not many people use this word. I find that people who use the word "much" after a sentence, such as "pretentious much?" or "hungry much"? tend to use "mind you".
..."Mind you that Eric didn't even pay attention to the movie last night!"

"Sam ate the whole pack of gummy bears. Mind you he doesn't even like candy."
by scorps65 July 29, 2008
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A polite way of saying "fuck off."
Often said in a rude, angsty, aggresive, or sassy manner.
Me: *Walks in on roommates having sex*
Them: "DO YOU MIND?!"
by ToTheMoon September 22, 2016
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The question that is asked when someone is seeking a yes but gets a no in response.

The "no" in response actually means a yes from the recipient of the question. I never use this question when I ask for a request because usually the response I get is a yes when I know they don't mind when the correct response should've been no.
This question can also be a cause for confusion in response when answered in the opposite way as said above.
All in all we know what the person is meaning to respond to this question.
Man1: Do you mind if I fuck your wife?
Man2: No!!!
Man1: No you don't mind or no you don't

want me to fuck your wife?
Man2: (scratches his head confused)
Man1: It's ok pal I knew what you meant.

Besides, I wouldn't fuck your wife

with your dick.
by cpetkunas March 4, 2019
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something that shouldn't be important to the person your talking to.

Southern Slang
I'll find out where my boyfriend is, never you mind.
by btlh2oguy July 18, 2009
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an expression used by geeks and nerds when inquiring on each others telepathetic powers.
Micah : do you mind?

Prox : yes, i have the most amazing telepathetic powers evar!
by Mickey Darling August 5, 2009
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1. When you are saying nevermind, but letting someone know "fuck you" cause they pissed you off and nevermind isn't enough.

2. When asked who, what, when , why or how question but it isnt any of their business.
Example 1:
Girlfriend is complaining of cramps again
Boy: You know I read that sex and a good orgasm can cure cramps. I would be willing to volunteer as tribute.
Girl: Is Sex all you think of?
Boy: Never the fuck you mind. I was just trying to help.

Example 2:
ExGirl: Who's car was that parked outside your house all night?
Exlover: Never the fuck you mind who was at my house all night.
by KalaBelle July 28, 2016
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