The worlds finest Navy, comprised of ships to transport Marines to the middle of nowhere to kill men women and children who are widely untrained, planes to bomb shit so the marines can walk into the smoldering crater and act like they actually did something useful like they used to a hundred years ago, and land based forces to keep retard marines from getting blown up by IEDs or dying from extreme mental retardation while they act like they've ever done something.
A branch of the military that goes out to sea in large vessels where they could all die together without having the chance to scatter like hollywood marines.
"I hate the Marine Corps. I never do anything but get fucked over. I should have joined the real UNITED STATES NAVY instead of trying to imitate the Army"

"The Marine Corps is the retarded afterbirth of the UNITED STATES NAVY"

"The UNITED STATES NAVY does awesome shit that is actually useful."
by HungryFlapJackDude April 17, 2010
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In response to the fellow that said the Navy was, and I quote, "a bunch of weiner lickers from day one", here is the truth. The United States Navy is the first line of defense for the country. If you like living on the coast, thank the Navy. If you like living at all, thank the Navy. The United States Navy can be anywhere in the world in seventy two hours. If you like knowing that pissed off countries cannot attack us, thank the Navy. The United States Navy can operate on land, as they did when they killed the most wanted man in the world, Osama bin Laden. If you like knowing that the man that killed thousands of people one day is dead, thank the Navy. Upon his death the Navy SEALs (the most feared warriors in the world) found plans of more attacks that he was planning. So if you like not being terrorized, thank the Navy. So if you think the Navy really is a bunch of weiner lickers, maybe you should drag your sorry ass into the middle of the desert, sea, or air and get shot at a few times. Then maybe you can still call the Navy such false names (which you won't). But if you really don't want to, don't worry, you don't have to. And for that, thank the damn Navy.
The United States Navy:

On June 28, 2005 a team of four Navy SEALs were stuck in a botched mission when these four men were fighting off 200 Taliban. The four SEALs killed approx. eighty fighters. That is 20 fighters per SEAL. At the end of the battle, only one SEAL remained, the other three had been killed, sacrificing their lives for us and our freedom. One of them, Lt. Michael P. Murphey, was awarded the Medal of Honor.

Ghost Eye: SEAL Team 1 this is Ghost Eye you have thirty tangos north of your position, do you request air support?

Navy SEALs: Negative Ghost Eye, we are in the Navy

Ghost Eye: Oh yeah, sorry I thought you were the Army there for a second, excuse me. Well it looks like you guys have it put away, I'm heading home
by GONAVY23 June 29, 2011
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