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1. Used to describe someone who likes and actively indulges in art.

2: Used to describe self: Defining ones identity by non-conformity to the standards of others. Ie: Conforming but with the illusion of integrity because ones standards are created from the notion of being "not theirs".

i.e., ones standards still depend the on opinions and choices of others.
1. "He's artsie!"

2. "I'm artsie."
by Radiotheatre July 13, 2004
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Paper product used as a barrier against unwanted messes, such as the liner at the bottom of a bird cage.
Please put a New York Times under that before it gets all over the place.
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The word teenage girls use to describe pictures posted on facebook by other teenage girls who have just learned to use their camera for something besides taking naked pictures of themselves in the mirror.
Girl #1 posts pictures of awkwardly contorted feet clad in converse backdropped by an overly desaturated sunset
Girls #2-5: Oooh, you're so artsy!
by The Curator October 30, 2011
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Someone who indulges in the arts. They are skilled at either studio arts, music, film, or all three. Many artsy people know how to play the guitar, usually having taught themselves. They sit at cafés not for the image of being "indie" but because it is seen as a great place to reflect and work on new material. They are often seen wearing haute couture (like Chanel classics) with a mix-match of clothing and accessories found in small (Parisian-like) shops and thrift stores. When they can they travel to exotic countries to explore the art scene and visit as many museums as possible.
:I'm about to go to MOMA and then to a café, want to come?

:Oh my god Jesse, you're so artsy- I love it.
by ayotech February 05, 2010
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One who not only enjoys the arts but also has a sense of style to reflect the scene (ex. indie style ties and wearing dress shirts for un dressy events) Also one who indulges in the Indie rock scene, visits contemporary art museums, and enjoys a concert at least once a week. Much like those in the "emo" scene but are not depressed all the time, they are too busy analyzing contemporary art
Oh Mr. Kimball is so artsy.
by Ibby May 05, 2004
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(adj) It describes one who is into aesthetics. It will be unjust to be given descriptions or specfics since art is too broad to be defined.
When the pianist performed his art filled with his explosive passion, the artsy child shooked and was filled with such an uncontrollable emotion, so strong that he was unable to hold back his tears.

The artsy boy sat outside of a café on an autumn day to study the busy world passing him by as he record his thoughts and ideas in a notebook.
by Ethan May 17, 2005
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1. Someone who indulges in the arts, don't talk about it much, have been interested in the general perception of "art" for a long time. They often don't feel the need to show off, and to be "artsy" someone else usually says so, because they would never refer to themselves as such. Usually wears a certain style of clothes, normally something seen as "indie" or "classy" (dress shirts and other formal attire for non-formal occasions) but doesn't think the following when he/she buys said attire:

"Will I look artsy enough" or "People will totally think I'm artsy when I buy this"

2. Basically the same thing only with a different mind set. Normally pretentious, meaningless and just used as another way to impress friends and other peers. They often only started once they got into junior high/high school, once they are exposed to the social climate and become self conscious. Basically, someone who thinks that they are cool because they can do an amateur impression of a joker and are in all the school plays. Someone who sees themselves as a nonconformist, when really they are conforming by being "artsy" or "indie". Also a hippie, who probably cares nothing about the environment or the starving children in Africa, but merely say so (despite not understanding anything about politics) because everyone else "does" and because they grew up in a bad, smelly environment. Normally listens to reggae and other hippie/artsy/indie songs to keep up their image. Also tends to break up into an even worse version of a song from said genres. When buying clothes they do think:

"Will I look artsy enough" or "People will totally think I'm artsy when I buy this"

Basically every single person in every junior high in Davis, California.
Guy/thing: Oh look at Shouji, he's so artsy

2. Jack: Why so serious?
by Hoom February 11, 2009
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