1. Used to describe someone who likes and actively indulges in art.

2: Used to describe self: Defining ones identity by non-conformity to the standards of others. Ie: Conforming but with the illusion of integrity because ones standards are created from the notion of being "not theirs".

i.e., ones standards still depend the on opinions and choices of others.
1. "He's artsie!"

2. "I'm artsie."
by Radiotheatre July 14, 2004
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(adj) It describes one who is into aesthetics. It will be unjust to be given descriptions or specfics since art is too broad to be defined.
When the pianist performed his art filled with his explosive passion, the artsy child shooked and was filled with such an uncontrollable emotion, so strong that he was unable to hold back his tears.

The artsy boy sat outside of a café on an autumn day to study the busy world passing him by as he record his thoughts and ideas in a notebook.
by Ethan May 18, 2005
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A Facebook photo wherein the main persona is not looking directly at the camera
(teenage girl looking at her friend's picture online)

-(sees that her friend isn't looking at the camera)

"OMG so artsy!"
by eternalpessimist May 26, 2012
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A corruption of art, in both verbal and visual form. People who use this term are apart of the trendy set and feel as though they do not have to adhere to proper grammatical syntax. It's also used by airhead bimbos because it's "uber kawaii".

Also see: fucktarted.
Dude: Dude, I am so artsy man!

Other guy: The fuck is artsy?
by Shadowpawn April 25, 2008
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an overused and ambiguous adjective GENERALLY used by people who are phobic to art used to label anything involving it...the connotations are endless. It's only appropriately used when applied to some hipster that needs a reality check; using histogram or any of those distorting phone apps to make your pictures look vintage does not make you an artist or even artistic. If you come across any misuse of the word, for the love of god, tell whoever said it to stfuad
(correct use)
naive kid: holy shit did you see those photos of the beach that Julia just posted on Facebook?! she did it all on her phone and even reorganized them to fit the same frame...they look so cool...so talented. she should apply to RISD or something...
smarter kid: *sees uploaded via histogram* that bitch is just artsy...she's got no talent; the programmers who designed this app do

stupid high school girls:
-hey did you see that senior's application for, like, Copper Union or whatever!? omg soooo artsy!!
-omg ya, like, he's weird, or something
-ya ikr?!?
by giant veiny alien penis April 30, 2012
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Someone who indulges in the arts. They are skilled at either studio arts, music, film, or all three. Many artsy people know how to play the guitar, usually having taught themselves. They sit at cafés not for the image of being "indie" but because it is seen as a great place to reflect and work on new material. They are often seen wearing haute couture (like Chanel classics) with a mix-match of clothing and accessories found in small (Parisian-like) shops and thrift stores. When they can they travel to exotic countries to explore the art scene and visit as many museums as possible.
:I'm about to go to MOMA and then to a café, want to come?

:Oh my god Jesse, you're so artsy- I love it.
by ayotech February 5, 2010
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One who not only enjoys the arts but also has a sense of style to reflect the scene (ex. indie style ties and wearing dress shirts for un dressy events) Also one who indulges in the Indie rock scene, visits contemporary art museums, and enjoys a concert at least once a week. Much like those in the "emo" scene but are not depressed all the time, they are too busy analyzing contemporary art
Oh Mr. Kimball is so artsy.
by Ibby May 5, 2004
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