You were surprised and shaken up, but suddenly, all in a moment
The Blue Heron walked by my sliding glass window and I was shooked.
by Boback and Michelle April 23, 2004
a scale of the amount of shook you can become within one period of time
the way michael just went down on me, my shookness scale has been left b r o k e n
by cluelesssausage March 31, 2017
Shocked or surprised af. Can't believe what you're seeing.
"Girrrrl look at my highlighter"
by __kolster October 17, 2016
"They scared to death, they scared to look, they shook... cause ain't no such thing as halfway crooks." Mobb Deep, Shook Ones
by January 29, 2003
"Dude I was so shook when Anthony Amorim got verified on Twitter and then he followed me too!"
by lion_the_phil September 2, 2016
He ain't a crook, son, he's just a shook one.
by Fade May 11, 2004