One more step in the Feminist movement's plan to eliminate the male gender.
Women already say they don't need men to be happy, artificial insemination means they don't need them to procreate either.
by quickly becoming useless October 19, 2003
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The process of two people (male, female) that hate each other yet still want to have a kid
Your parents hated each other yet through the amazing 21st century's artificial insemination they had you
by Orman November 1, 2016
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procreation without recreation.
betty could not be impregnated through sexual intercourse (no matter how much fun she had trying), so she was artificially inseminated in order to have a baby.
by beckym August 21, 2003
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Artificial insemination is when a three way with two guys and one girl is taking place, first one guy must give the other guy a blow job till he ejaculates in the other guys mouth, the man must not swallow nor spit out the seven, he then proceeds to eat out the woman's vagina releasing the sperm into her vagina
Hey dude remember how you said I wouldn't be all to get anyone to do that artificial insemination thing with me and my girlfriend, well I got Kody to do it with us.
by Mexi cube January 12, 2017
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a case of swampass that is caused by having the settings on your heated automobile seats too high. usually occurs in the winter time, when natural atmospheric conditions are not favorable for the development of swampass.
"man, was it cold this morning! i cranked the heated seats up to 10, and before i knew what hit me, i had created some artificially inseminated swampass!"
by swampazz February 26, 2010
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