Kody is an amazing guy, super sweet and I can never be mad at him no matter what I don’t know why. If you have kody as a boyfriend or best friend your very lucky. He’s so kind, nice, sweet and very caring about his friends and family but he is very strong you don’t wanna mess with him.
Kody is my best friend!!!!!!!!
by Amazing4 March 21, 2018
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Kody is one of the best guys you can meet. He's handsome, funny, charismatic,very loving, and has the cutest dimples. He's an amazing boyfriend because he's such a gentleman. Kody sometimes says weird things, but you'll love him for that. Kody is usually a sweetheart and is always there for you.
Kody is such a cutie.

Kody is my bestfriend and my boyfriend.

I can't live without Kody.
by Kody's girlfriend February 12, 2013
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Generally pretty hot. Always makes a good boyfriend, funny, has much integrity, intelligence and wit. Sometimes says weird, off-the-wall things. Big movie buff.
Jeez, Kody, why are you so cool?
by Emily M. February 27, 2006
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He makes an amazing boyfriend, he will love you no matter what, he will be there for you. He is also very good at sports and like a good challenge. He is tough and will put up a fight. He is a little sensitive, but lives his family. If you know a Kody in you life don't let him go because he won't let you go. You are lucky to have a Kody in your life!!!
KODY is so awesome!!!
by Bob banker May 9, 2018
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-Kody “i’m gonna clap your cheeks” “watch me i will bet
by your local native February 20, 2019
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Kody is sweet and kind and the best guy ever. I haven't gotten very far but is a great friend. A Kody is very spesial so if you find one don't let him go.
Kody, dont go.
by Lawesomeness November 27, 2017
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