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The word you type after you looked up Apple on the urban dictionary

You people can't help looking for fruit slang
Pears are the perfect fruit
by Orman November 01, 2016

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A game produced by Dice and ran by EA.
It is the counterpart to the game verdun and the enemy game to the cod franchise.

And has a good perks such as:
No screaming Little 10 year old
Not many mlg assholes
And more realistic war play
Just play the new battlefield 1
And was shocked at the greatest sound of all. No raging 10 year olds
by Orman November 28, 2016

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Where's the blacksmith
Markipler never found the blacksmith
by Orman November 29, 2016

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A girl that gets pleasures from sand.
You know sally

Yeah she is a sandbitch
by Orman November 18, 2016

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A fake shark with a big butt in the back which stole captain captains butt
Da the butt shark stole me butt arg
by Orman November 03, 2016

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The best 80's film ever made
Wargames just sold out in the box office
by Orman November 02, 2016

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Fucking in the asssssss.
I just was getting it from behind.
by Orman November 01, 2016

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