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If someone has been provoked or wound up enough to get annoyed, respond angrily, or lose their cool, they have been cranked - or they are cranked. The word is then often employed on its own to crank them even further.

See also: To crank, crankage.
Person 1: Haha, that game lacks creative vision.
Person 1: STFU it's a great game you idiot.
Person 2: Cranked.

Person 3: You're all a bunch of knobheads, why don't you leave me alone!
Everyone: Person 3 is cranked.
by KevstarSpillmaster January 23, 2012
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Similar to getting crunk. It is to commense drinking, smoking, sniffing, etc. Anything that causes some type of "high" can be considered as to cause cranking.
What the fuck man??!! I'm on my fifth cup of Bud and you haven't started! Man get the cranking!!!! So we can all get cranked!
by Pablo S. February 12, 2004
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To get psyched for an event or to get in a state of mind fitting for an event. To become eager for something to occur.
Henry: Let's get cranked for the karaoke bro!

Friend A: Alright I'll bring all my microphones! I'm so excited!
by preppysweaterboy March 07, 2009
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Alt. cranked up. The state of being extremely hammered but still not feeling like shit. The stage of being drunk directly before throwing upβ€” you’re still feeling amazing.
Let’s get fucking cranked at Tyler’s party dude!
by M. Anthony L. August 08, 2020
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to hit someone so hard as to cause serious injury
-dude, I fucking cranked him!
by Erik Rasmussen January 10, 2004
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