At the moment just after the Male Species is climaxing,the female or male yells out..."EW RIGHT IN MY FACE"
"So there I was just me and her. Shes jerkin my girkin when all of the sudden i let lose and hear...."ewww right on my face"right there...i knew i had "facial recognition"
by Tony the tattoo artist. NYC February 07, 2013
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When you're about to call someone on video chat and you wait till the moment it opens to cum directly onto the webcam, blinding their vision.
So I gave Fred a call the other day on Skype, only to get blocked by facial recognition.
by Paralda October 31, 2011
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1) A technology rendered obsolete by Covid.
2) A quaint human interaction, from the time when people could see another person's face, know whom they were looking at, and respond with feeling.
He saw a sort of female person standing in front of him. She had her ear pods in and was speaking to someone who was not there. She was wearing a mask, as required by law and by custom, large sunglasses and a hat. He saw a small patch of skin - her cheeks - and longing for that old feeling once termed facial recognition, he believed it might or might not be Sarah.
by Monkey's Dad December 30, 2020
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